Sales Management

It makes no difference if you are a Small Local Business or a Large Global Business
The World has become Way More Competitive.

Processing existing sales or delivering New business – What are your commercial team doing really ?
Whether you are a Small, Mid Sized or Large Business – The sales graph doesn’t lie!

The end of the Week – Month – or Year is the wrong time to find out you’ve not hit your targets or delivered enough value.
We’re living in a P & L World and when the numbers are crunched…
BAD things happen when targets are missed or sales growth goes into reverse.

The cycle of easy growth across the worlds developed economies is over.

Taking business from the competition is going to be critical to outperforming a flat market

Most businesses are competing in a crowded market with no real tangible difference between them and the competition

This is a working framework for Commercial Directors and Managers who want to;

  • Out-compete their competition
  • Beat their targets, and
  • Make things happen …!

It’s for Managers who live in the Real World with Real Targets and Real Deadlines to hit with Real Consequences if they don’t …!
This is Not the theoretical world of training and seminars, ONLY WORK DELIVERS RESULTS….!

How are the best sales teams out-competing the competition and gaining market share ….?
Now you can work with Commercial Directors from different businesses around the world as easy as working with your own internal team and find out …!

jack Welch

ceo general electric
1981 – 2001

“if you don’t have a competitive advantage…
don’t compete..!”

dean Fletcher

ceo beyond good

“doing what the competition’s does
keeps you in the game

doing what they’re not – puts you ahead of it..!”

Every SMARTWORKS – Strategy – Project – Initiative ….. Every Brainstorm & Network session …
is focused on how you generate more Sales Growth for existing customers & new customers,
as well as developing new products & services to ATTACK new Markets Fast ….!

From your website – Your Value Proposition – Your Products and Services – Customer relationships & Commercial Initiatives.
We will help you challenge every aspect of what you do to identify what separates GOOD from BEYOND GOOD in your sector
and help you achieve it for your business.

You will also develop a global contact book of people that you really know.
Working with people is the relationship game changer!

“the really scary thing is…

we would’ve carried on making the same mistakes


While your competitors are sitting in the same room with the same people delivering the same answers

You can work with and share the KNOW HOW – IDEA’S – EXPERIENCE of some of the worlds best Directors & Managers From different businesses Small – Mid Sized & Large …. from a diverse range of sectors

You can access idea’s and thinking and deliver solutions that you could never have come up with alone

Beyond Good CEO’s will help you hit your targets – Beyond Good Thinking will challenge the status quo

Your ability to out-perform the competiTION has just gone to another level
You’RE no longer good ……. You’RE Beyond Good ……..!

So… What’s the answer?