• "We've asked the questions...
    So you don't have to..!"

  • "It sounds great , but I got involved in a working group once and it didn't go anywhere"

    That's a good point, without a strong management framework to drive it collaboration doesn't work. Too often working groups don't actually do any work they just talk...

    We MANAGE, CONTROL & ADMINISTER the groups as you would in a world class business.

    Bottom Line

    We cut out the Waffle .... Politics .... And Inertia ..... And create a ruthlessly efficient productive way to work with people who want to make things happen.

  • "It would be better if we could meet face to face....?"

    In a perfect world... Yes...But that would eliminate 99% of the possibilities..!

    You need to work with the best... NOT the nearest..!

    Working with people in the UK Europe and beyond creates possibilities that are impossible to leverage in any other format. Beyond a small radius it becomes impossible to meet ... The time and travel costs rule it out. ...BUT...Being able to work with no time or logistical barriers creates huge upside.

    Bottom Line

    Accessing a global management resource is a game changer.

  • "We can't afford the time for business collaboration..."

    Beyond Good people make time...the rest make excuses!

    Your problems are leaking money 24/7 whether your working on them or not. The speed at which you can turn business problems into profits will define your business success.

    You can participate from your office, home or wherever you happen to be. No travel or time costs.... Just 90 minute concentrated sessions designed to give you more ideas and solutions than you would otherwise get in a week, a month or longer...

    Bottom Line

    You've always got time to work in a more productive way...

  • "Can't I just have a free trial and sit in on projects just to see if I like it?"

    How can we put this nicely...

    You wouldn't put people on an important project in your business that weren't focused or committed to the problem.

    We wouldn't either.

    You don't want to come into a project and find out the person you're discussing your biggest problem with is "just having a look around".

    Having people dip in and dip out... not show up... not be prepared... would disrupt that.

    We deliver maximum results by getting motivated people to work together in a friendly way to share what they know so they can take away maximum benefits.

    To be honest...

    The only way people really focus is when they sign up and commit.

  • "Why should I share my Ideas & Knowledge?"

    Our favourite Yeah, But...

    Give me £1... €$1 .... Or $1 and we'll give you back 100 or more in return. How does that sound? Collaboration is all about what's in it for YOU. No one expects you to give away industry secrets or company sensitive information. Working with a diverse management group and gaining knowlage and idea's that you would otherwise NEVER have access to is... The game changer, the solution you would NEVER have come up with, the mistake you WOULD have made...You can only use what you DON'T know! You are already using your best ideas but where are the next killer solutions coming from?

    Bottom Line

    Collaboraton can deliver solutions into your business in hours days and weeks, instead of weeks months or...Never!

  • "So do I need to be a CEO or Director before I can participate?"

    No ....We're not hung up on titles ...

    If your an experienced manager with major business challenges and your prepared to work and share your experience with others then .....

    Bottom Line

    We want you In ...!